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Monday, October 30, 2006


This is one of the most amazing videos i've personally ever seen. And before anyone dismisses the incident as a clever light/lazer show being reflected off a window, notice how the object(s) pass "behind" the window's horizontal sash in several instances as they transverse through the sky (specificly, at 2:46). Whatever they are - they're real & testing in our skies. They could also very well be military test craft, but similar UFOs have been witnessed in many other parts of the world before, so who knows. Check it out:

"On the night of August 25th 2006 at around 9:30pm I was sitting at my hotel window as I had been doing the night of the August 18th encounter. To my surprise I noticed a strange white light going across the sky at quite a high rate of speed as it approached a hotel that is currently still under construction stages a second light appeared and it seemed to do some sort of dive downwards towards the ground. It then levelled off and travelled behind the hotel that was in construction which is very close to the Sahara hotel. I began to video right away and managed to get 4+ Minutes of footage of this strange craft doing amazing aerial moves over Vegas. At the end of the footage the UFO is seen going away and it is at that point were a Triangle shape is clearly visible. After the UFO had performed its tricks it went directly over the Las Vegas Airport and toward the mountains. I am sure this was not simply an ordinary plane or helicopter no way could a normal commercial plane or helicopter perform those aerial moves directly above the USA’s most growing city at 9:30pm at night. My thought on this is that it could be some sort of Area51 project but it could also quite easily be something ET."

Video & commentary courtesy of Sam Willey. Visit his website @ for more cool videos.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Ever wanted to catch your own UFO orb transversing through the skies?

It's actually quite simple - buy a video camera with an infrared feature in it (or buy an infrared filter, which is sold seperately). I personally haven't attempted it (I don't have a cam corder), but I do know a plethora of friends who have had much success in recording those highly energezied, tranlucent UFO orbs - the same UFO orbs that swarmed the NASA shuttle cameras a few years ago.

Below are two different videos captured by friends. Keep in mind that the objects could NOT have been debris, dust, birds or conventional aircraft, because they were NOT visible to the naked eye - they were only visible in infrared.

It's said that the UFOs "wave transform/vibrate" their mass to a very, very low frequency state, literally making them invisible. This would also explain why they often appear to "pulsate." This wave transformation phase makes them very light in weight, which ultimately gives them the ability to move at speeds near light.

Remember the UFOs caught by the Mexican airforce? They too were only seen in infrared:

Here are a few more tips for capturing your own UFO:

- Buy a camera with Night Vision Intensifier Tube GEN 2, not less.

- A deluxe setup would consist of twin cameras. One of these two would have a minumum of 10x optical zoom. This is better because digital zoom is unimportant. The other camera would be an infra-red-type with built in night-vision.

- A telephoto 3x is recommended because 4x zoom gets distorted.

- Run both cameras simultaneously side by side on the same tripod.

- You can hunt for them with the infra-red camara and then zoom in on them for a high res steady capture.

If any readers catch their own UFO(s), please e-mail the footage to me (e-mail can be found in my blogger profile).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Check this out (9 minute video):

Good point made by Kasher, about the UFO not immediately jetting off into space after the mysterious flash was seen. And why didn't the shuttle shift position when the supposed "nitrogen thrusters" were fired?

And notice the hypocrite that Buzz Aldrin is. In a previous video posted in this blog, Aldrin clearly stated that him & his crew had reported seeing something but were careful not to talk about because it could have ruined the mission and that space agency heads did their best to cover it up after the mission was over. In the video above however, he conveniently dismisses those claims.

What gives?


A fantastic little compiliation video of alien evidence set to a catchy hip-hop tune.

The Grand Deception

Song: Books of Blood - The Coming of Tan, by Jedi Mind Tricks

Friday, October 06, 2006


Thanks to "chemkook" from YouTube for sending in these fantastic pictures.

Israel UFO

The above pictures were taken in 1988, by an Israeli lawyer who - to this day - wishes to remain anonymous. The photos show the progression of the craft as it suddenly appears in the camera and turns, moving closer to the video recorder. Note that at a distance, the craft takes on a delta shape, and as it banks, it exposes it's bottom. Some skeptics claim that the photos simply show the shape of the video camera's aperture. As the craft approaches the camera however, the bottom of the it comes into focus and looks strikingly similar to those UFOs caught in space... and to those caught in England & Australia.

Shape-shifting UFO "worms"

These "shape-shifting" UFO "worms" are similar to the UFOs that were shown at the 2004 UFO press conference held in California, hosted by Jaime Mausson. The UFOs in question were actually releasing spheres, or orbs. Check this clip out:

STS-115 Mystery Object... Coincidence?
Was a similar, "shape-shifting" UFO reponsible for delaying Space Shuttle Atlantis' return to Earth a few weeks ago? Was the object in question really a loose shuttle "bolt," as NASA implicated? You be the judge:
Here's a weird object
US Airforce unveiling saucer-like aircraft....hmmm.

Triangular shaped craft

Thursday, October 05, 2006


The crop circle above was discovered in 1996, across what many astronomers today believe to be an ancient, yet precise clock of the moon, sun and stars: Stonehenge. Coincidently, it appeared within the very same year that the now infamous STS-75 "tether incident" occurred in.

The circles were created with extreme precision, as was the entire geometrical illustration in it's entirety. 151 perfect circles that morph into nothingness, and a faultless spiraling progression that was measured to span approx. 115 metres in length - a colossal, enigmatic masterpiece that would've likely taken days to just lay out & design, according to professional surverying engineers.

And yet... it appeared in broad daylight amidst an oblivious farmer's crop field, just 2-3 hundred feet from one of the most notable & celebrated of tourist attractions in the world. Shit... we must've at least gotten a few eyewitness testimony reports from those spectating tourists who flock and photograph the monument every 2 minutes, and drive past it every second...

But we didn't. Weird, eh? Still think that a pair of clever, attention-starved money profiteers were the culprits who trespassed private property in daylight, carrying a set of heavy wooden planks and rope on their shoulders, next to a legendary tourist attraction w/ more static traffic than Paris Hilton's tainted cunt... without a trace?

Notice how the spirals radiate outward from the center, in each of the three pictures. The NASA UFOs were analyzed by David Sereda, and were "freeze framed" in the process. He found that the UFOs actually had 3 "pulsing" phases; and that the first phase was identical to his Galaxy Clock Theory:

And if you haven't yet noticed, the very same spiral is also apparent in the Stonehenge crop-circle, and in many others, too. And what a weird coincidence is it how these spiral(s) also make up the general shapes of galaxies in the universe (spiral galaxies, like our resident Milky Way, are the main types of galaxies found in the universe).

I think we're staring the answer to life's biggest mystery in the eye.


Article from: , but I added some more stuff to make it more informative. The info. I added is not in quotes.

"The ancient Mayan civilization made a prediction that, on December 21, 2012, the world would undergo some mysterious change. Something was going to happen that would in turn change our civilization, value systems and the ways we know humanity forever. What does that mean, though? What did the Mayans see through their spiritual wisdom?"

For starters, the Mayan Calendar is amongst the most accurate of calendars in history, and has marked correctly for the span of thousands of years. It has never errored.

"According to scientists and technologists, something strange is happening behind the scene. The terrestrial and solar polar reversal peaks are coming within three weeks of the day in question: 12/21/12. And at the same instant, innumerable UFOs are scouting our skies on a regular basis and increasing as we approach said day. The earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere are experiencing strange disturbances. The tectonic plate shifts, underwater volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis are increasing at rates never before seen. The solar flares on the sun are increasing. The temp. on earth was recorded as being the hottest EVER in 2005, and increasing. The number & frequency of typhoons and cyclones have, and are increasiong tenfold as a result. The number of floods and droughts have increased beyond imaginations in the last ten years. Global warming has become an epidemic."

And as if that weren't bad enough; we're headed towards WORLD WAR III, w/ Bush & his "wars" on terrorism.

We're on a road to self-destruction. And yet, we're so caught up in our own problems as humans - in our inflated egos, and in materialism & greed - that we've ultimately forgotten where we stand in the universe - the larger spectrum of life; the fact that humans are bugs, roaming on a tiny rock, in the middle of nowhere.

And these tiny rocks are often subject to extinction. Just as we hose down ant piles in our backyards, or throw away mold-ridden loaves of bread, planets (or rocks w/ bugs on the surfaces, as I like to call them) get fucked with and often cease to exist, at the same frequency.

But nobody ever even takes the time to look up at the stars and moon on a clear night's sky anymore. Nobody cares.

I personally think the Mayans were well aware of it all, and that they knew we'd threaten to end ourselves over a certain period of time, or that we'd be too caught up in ourselves. I think that the current state affairs has something to do with the date in question.

Some however, think it doesn't. Some believe that the change is not at all proportional to the problems we're currently facing.

"Scientists who look beyond conventional science point out that the hyperspace that contain our universe is also showing signs that something strange is happening. The multidimensional time research is showing that a parallel universe may be predicting strange effects.

According to some scientists, it is possible that another Universe is slowly starting to claim a spatial dimension in our physical Universe. It's also possible that we'll face major calamities from of a polar reversal in the sun, that would essentially affect Earth. If that happens, hyperspace must then re-adjust to gravity and electromagnetic force fields to keep the earth and the solar system intact.

The biggest clue to what will happen comes from astrophysicists. There is a big possibility that the simultaneous polar reversal in earth and sun will throw the solar system out of whack. That will cause massive upheaval in the earth. And at that point in time, the extraterrestrials will officially show up and put “cosmic seat belts” around us as they apply the superpower hyperspace to bring the solar system back to what it is today. According to think tanks, this has happened before. The extraterrestrials take care of the earth and the solar system whenever the solar system faces challenges like that."

And there's a definite connection between the ufos and Mayan Calendar:

And there's a TON more crop circles with elements of the Mayan calendar in them. Check this page out:

The question of what exactly it is that'll happen still remains in the air.

We'll just have to wait and see.

For now though, here's a fantastic site with info. on the Mayan civilization and their calendars:


Captured on April 3, 2003.

The photographer makes it clear that the UFO is overshadowing any & every other object in the sky, thus not being a star. This UFO bares similar characteristics to the Derbyshire/Bonsall UFO(S).

Also, check this video out:

Notice how two orbs appear out of nowhere and jet off into space. Pretty amazing.


Recordings of real NASA UFO sightings by astronauts during space missions.


This is quite amazing. It needs no commentary.

You be the judge.


Check this out - three "orbs" spotted on July 4th in Phoenix by Jeff Woolwine:

"Jeff Woolwine ( and his family were watching the skies over Phoenix Arizona on July 4, 2006 when three lights popped into view. What took place next is very strange indeed. Jeff grabbed his video camera and began to film the event. What, at first glance, appears to be perhaps a couple of afterburners from some fighter jets from the Air Force base near Phoenix, is actually a optical illusion. The lights remain equidistant from each other as the object begins to bank slightly to the right, and then begins to pivots on its nose to the left-rear as it continues in a forward direction."

And for those saying that the lights are nothing but flares or helicopters, answer me this: how the fuck is it possible for "flares or helicopters" to rotate & pivot perfectly at a synchronic ratio? Because that's exactly what they're doing - rotating at an angle... and doing so perfectly. I think it's illogical to assume that "flares" or "helicopters" were the objects in question.

And if they really were flares, they must have minds of their own!


The very same UFO seen in the NASA footage, in the Derbyshire/Bonsall clips, by Bambi in England, and in Israel, was seen again in Melborne, Australia:

Again, notice the similarites in structure as the other ones I mentioned above. Here's the personal testimony from a friend who knew the dude who shot the video:

"Melbourne UFO was taken in Ardeer 1999. It dove down to the person shooting the video. It was huge (3 Russian Antonov planes, at least)! They just came home midnight from a wedding then all lights outside were on. He checked to see what was going on then saw this disc in the sky that was flashing white light that makes his house like daytime. He was still holding the camera coz they just came from a wedding party. Upon videotaping the disc for few minutes, it went down above his head that made him duck for cover. He just heard his camera went "click"(flat). Anyway, he's not interested whatever it is and he's not abducted. He just want his original tape to be return by a known ufologist, and he knows who he is."


Buzz Aldrin talks about the UFO which the Apollo 11 crew saw on their way to the moon. He explains why they didn't describe it explicitly ... all » to Houston: "...those transmissions would be heard by all sorts of people and who knows what somebody would've demanded - we turn back because of aliens, or whatever the reason is."

Dr David Baker, senior Apollo scientist: "The possibility that you might encounter aliens in space has to be considered in a very sensible and positive and realistic way; there were a lot of people within the program who went off later and became convinced that UFOs existed."

He describes it similarly to how the now infamous UFO hacker, Gary McKinnon, did.


"I was standing in a crop circle and noticed a diamond-glistening object slowly coming out from a tree into the field towards me. I filmed it as it headed in my direction. Then filmed another." - Kerry McKenna

I've always thought that the REAL, genuine crop circles were infact the creations of the orbs we often see in the skies.

Could this be evidence?


A very similar ufo is seen in this clip:

Many believed these ufos being rocket trails. Here's why:

"Various tests are conducted in the upper atmosphere utilizing rockets and missiles launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The spectacular displays left in the evening sky can sometimes be seen from all over the Southwestern United States These photos were taken from the Santa Monica Mountains about 80 miles away. The one on the left shows a stage separation and exhaust plume. The one on the right shows the prismatic cloud of exhaust scattering sunlight that is still reaching it in the upper atmosphere."

ET or not, the footage is fucking incredible.


Was it a bird...? a helicopter...? or an orb?


This incredible video shows strange lights over Taiwan. It was taken in 1990 by a family and was broadcast on a Taiwan News broadcast shortly after. Notice the formation changes.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The following clips are amongst the most compelling, and most convincing of UFO videos ever captured. This is the smoking gun. The best evidence ever caught on film, and caught by the cameras onboard NASA's space shuttles during various STS space shuttle missions.

The footage was recorded by a man named Martyn Stubbs a few years ago whilst monitoring NASA's live feed from Earth. He literally video cataloged over 400 hours of live NASA broadcast missions, and struck gold in the process.

NASA has since removed it's live camera feed.

clip 1: an overview of clips

clip 2: high speed turn sequence

clip 3: STS-48 - shift in direction

clip 4: sts-80 - formation over africa

clip 5: mir sequence

clip 6: mission hubble repair

clip 7: tether incident

clip 8: 5 ufos

clip 9: ufo becomes luminous

clip 10: sts 101

clip 11: shift in direction 2

clip 12: froggy hop

clip 13: star sequence


First & foremost, I urge anyone reading this blog to view this flash presentation detailing why "REAL" crop circles (those 20-30%) cannot be be hoaxed. I guarantee that you'll find it convincingly amusing. See it here:

At least 20-30% - or more - of crop circles defy what humans are able of creating. It sounds like a ridiculous assertion - how degrading is it to naively underestimate the ability and ingenuity of the human race? Well, here's the key phrase: "in such small amount of time." As in them appearing, say... OVERNIGHT. There's nothing illogical about the fact; and i'll tell you why:

Many people claim that crop circles are nothing more than cleverly thought-out hoaxes; a network of golddigging profiteers in it for fame and fortune, who gather together and flock private property in the early morning hours of cool & breezy Sundays with garden rollers and wooden planks. It sounds like a pretty valid & credible explanation... but it just doesn't hold up to the scrutiny of common sense. Those who attribute crop circles offhandedly to hoaxers are ignorantly unaware of the complexities that are characteristic of genuine formations.

1) Most crop circles appear overnight, and are reported by crop owners in the morning. To think that a pair of hoaxers snuck into a giant crop field when light was greatly limited, and designed a crop formation with unfathomed accuracy... defies common logic. Some formations have even spanned as long as 200 meters in length - a feat. that would take days to map out, according to professional surveying engineers. And yet, their designs are errorless. Perfect circles & geometrical patterns created between 1 & 6 am, with limited light & obscured vision:

2) If all were infact created by humans, then why hasn't there been any eyewitness testimony reports? Alot of the circles appear next to main roads with traffic, like this one:

You'd think that at least one lucky motorist caught a glimpse of the circlemakers at work, and reported it. But we haven't... ever. And surely, had humans created the crop circles overnight, steady light sources must've been sure necessities (flashlights). Yet, nobody has ever spotted or reported these light sources in question.

3) The circles were popularized by two clever money profiteers who lived in England. These attention-whores had hopes of achieving fame and fortune... and fame & fortune they received. Copycat hoaxers took note and decided to follow in their footsteps, which explained the sudden influx of formations that followed thereafter. The circles however, have been around for hundreds and thousands of years, and have appeared in all parts of the world.

4) The stalks that make up for most of the crops in crop fields are as brittle as celery, and are impossible to bend without breaking. The energy that forms them make impossible bends in the stalks' shafts. Also, holes in the nodes of the shafts bear witness to said energy, which function much like microwaves do:

5) The crop circle plants & stalks were subject to abnormal growth rate changes and mutations after they'd been made. Mysterious, microscopic specs of iron were also discovered amidst the stalks, making them magnetic.

6) A fair number of single grain stalks, that would've been downed by rollers and planks, are often left standing, as are foreign plants that grow amongst the grain crops. Also, intricately woven nests are often found in the crop circles, a feat. that can't be manipulated by human hands.

7) The designs of many crop circles form complex, geometric patterns and shapes, requiring days to survey out. As mentioned before, these appear overnight.

8) Some crop circles form 3d effects, as seen from aerial views on sunny days. Also, some of the lines created by crop circles are too narrow to have been created by rollers and/or planks. The lines in the crop circle below measured 6 inches in width:

Notice how no extraneous foot steps or tracks are apparent.

9) This formation, done in "dot-screen" process, defies what humans hands working with plants could do:

10) Several eyewitnesses to crop circles testify that they have seen strange balls or clouds of light in and around crop circles as they were being formed, and even some time after they were formed. In an article by Linda Howe, she quotes a witness who saw a bright light that seemed to come up out of the ground after he and a friend entered a large crop formation known as the Galaxy in 1994: "It was so bright, it lit up the hills in the background. It was bluish-white in color and about as big as the formation, fifty to sixty meters wide. The bright light formed some sort of cloud and it changed shape continuously as it hovered over the formation. After a couple of seconds, it rose at slow speed and disappeared into the darkness. My friend and I were totally flabbergasted!"

Was she talking about this UFO?:

Most likely.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Have you ever wondered why an alien race would consider visiting a comparatively microscopic planet (Earth), situated in the middle of nowhere? I mean, with all the visible stars in this picture:

...Earth and it's nearby neighbors literally look like dust particles. Close your eyes and place your index finger on any section of the picture - you might've just struck gold.

It's estimated that our sun is situated amidst 100 BILLION other stars... and that digit is limited to our miniscule galaxy alone. It's also estimated that approximately 200 billion other galaxies exist in our "visible (another limitation)" universe, and that too is just a scientific approximation! The limitless mysteries of our universe - whether it has an edge, what/who it was created by, how LARGE it really is - and their existing explanations, are nothing more than mere assumptions by a network of "super-smart" bugs living on a micro-sized rock in the middle of nowhere. Who knows how large the universe really is, or how many galaxies actually exist. To think that our sun (which is actually pretty tiny next to other stars like Antares) is the only star in the universe... or even in our galaxy, capable of granting life to it's surrounding planetary bodies... is nothing short of ignorance. And to think that life is actually limited to the puny spacerock we call "earth" is nothing short of something much, much more serious... partial retardation, maybe.

And as if that weren't enough to describe the expansiveness of space, consider this ; The Milky WayGalaxy is nearly 100,000 lightyears across, which means it would take approximately 100,000 lightyears to travel. Our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, is positioned at about 2.2 million lightyears from our own galaxy. Ergo, just traveling across two galaxies would take approximately 2 and a quarter MILLION lightyears to complete... and that's traveling at the speed of light (700 MILLION mph)!!! Our current shuttle speeds top at something like 18,000-20,000 mph!

But the question is still up for grabs: why DO they bother making meaningless stops, on meaningless little rocks; essentially interrupting their interstellar space routes?

The answer is pretty simple: Because you haven't a clue as to what their motives and purposes are in the universe. You don't even know if their spacecraft are controlled by biological entities or creatures to begin with - the "ufos" might just be intelligent in themselves, as wholes; like jellyfish crusading the vastness of the sea. What if they're somehow fueled by lightning, or electricity? Afterall, they appeared most numerous in the NASA clips over certain areas of Earth that were experiencing thunder/lightning storms, as witnessed from space. What if they're extradimensional and not extraterrestrial? We've yet to discover certain dimensions. The realm of possibilities are fucking endless. Concluding that ufos/aliens would never bother to visit our pea-sized planet, is like seeing a picture of an infamous "gray" for the first time, noticing it's lack of reproductive organs, and assuming that it couldn't reproduce... at all.

Ergo, it's an ignorant assumption, based on a very basic level of human understanding.

"The power of knowledge & theory is often limited to what our eyes can see & deduce" - anonymous

I personally think we're being observed in a petri-dish. And if I were that alien race doing the observing, I wouldn't be too pleased at the direction the human race is taking.

Hopefully, they'll save us from ourselves in a few years.


I often hear this statement from many ignorant people on a daily basis; and being the easily annoyed & angered-type, I always feel compelled to correct them.

My rebuttal is always something along the lines of:

Let me guess - you think the object recovered at the Roswell incident was infact a "weather balloon," eh?

Humans grow up being brainwashed by what they read in schoolbooks.... And that's particularly why scientists are generally skeptics; their minds are so tightly closed, because they're arrogant enough to think that if they haven't been taught it at school and/or self-discovered, that it ultimately can't exist. It's a bit like those scientists who once thought that the world was flat and the sun revolved around the Earth. They were eventually proven wrong.

Science will NEVER unconditionally acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial/extradimensional organisms, so long as they're under government scrutiny. And if they ever did show slight hints of approval, chaos would ensue; religious people (which make up approx. 85% of the total pop.) would be outraged, and great amounts of fear would rattle everyone up when they figure that a more intelligent & powerful alien race, who've mastered space flight, are capable of running shit on earth.

...that's when "deductive reasoning" and "common sense" come into play. You want "evidence?" Here it is:

1) There have been loads, and loads of eye-witness testimony reports compiled throughout the years. There has also been a chockfull of amateur footage captured. Is ALL of that footage authentic? Ofcourse not. But at the same instant however, a small percentage of the ufos caught by these amateurs have also been caught by other amateurs, in other parts of the world, with several different cameras. The infamous white "orbs" have been spotted by people in all countries (especially in Mexico), even here in the US. UFO hobbyist Rich Giordano devotes his free time pointing a video camera up at the Arizona skies in hopes of capturing these ufos... and with luck - he has a pretty extensive archive of all the orbs he's captured (most of which form "complex, geometric patterns and shapes" in the sky before disappearing). To even consider questioning the ufo phenomena at this point is nothing short of insulting, when you think of the effort and time it took for him to compile an actual archive (most people spend their lives trying to capture just ONE... and have no luck at doing so). His archive can be viewed here:

2) From early BC, to early AD; and even now in our present day and age, there have been COUNTLESS amounts of ufo/alienesque depictions through various symbols and hieroglyphic, left behind from a chockfull of ancient civilizations, like the Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, and the Egyptians. This alien symbolism has, and will ALWAYS be a surefire, "scientific" source that ultimately backs up the alien phenomena. It's also part of earth's history. Pictures of some of these depictions can be found on this fantastic site:

3) Over 400 government, military, and scientific officials came forth on May 9, 2001 in a historic national press club conference conducted by Steven M. Greer, in what was known as the "Disclosure Project." The purpose of this conference was to hear & record witness testimony offered by those 400+ top-ranking officials surrounding their personal knowledge/sightings of ufos/aliens. Some officials included Gordon Cooper (retired NASA astronaut), Colonel Philip Corso (high-ranking Army official) and Dr. Robert Wood (retired aerospace engineer). More info. here:

4) There have been hundreds, and hundreds of hours of NASA space footage captured from the space shuttles during various sts shuttle missions, discovered by Martyn Stubbs. "Evidence : The Case For NASA ufos," was a recent dvd/book created by physicist/ufologist David Sereda, and in it he explains by way of physics, how and WHY the objects in the footage are infact intelligent UFOs, and not meteors, satellites, or debris (more info. here The very same "NASA" footage was originally released in a documentary known as "The Smoking Gun," but didn't have a host to explain and talk about the ufos in question, like Sereda does in his movie. The same footage was also aired on TLC's "The best UFO evidence ever captured."

5) The infamous Derbyshire/Bonsall account : This ufo is believed to have been one of those ufos captured in the NASA transmissions, because it's physical characteristics are identical; a hole etched out in the center, a notch carved out near the rim and mysterious "pulsing" effect on it's surface. There is testimony, video(s), and even a few e-mails from dumb skeptics/debunkers throwing out their typically lame explanations (to which they're responded to). You can even see a UK army military helicopter investigating the area where the ufo was spotted at the day after, in one of the clips - surefire evidence indicating government/military involvement.

Now it's YOUR turn to "DEDUCE" from the above shreds and formulate a logical conclusion. And if you fail at doing that, here's a helpful tip: drive to your nearest highway bridge (preferably the highest one in your city)... and jump off:

Our gene pool needs cleaning.